Unfetter the lives of authors


Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, not everyone is J.K.Rowling or Stephenie Mayor. Success doesn’t come to most, and just reading about the yet-to-succeed authors’ lives gives you shivers. Their young life, characterized by broader imagination and fantasy, with extremely high handle on the language they write in, combined with ability to carry a story over 1000s of words.

They are shunned for petty reality tv where producers milk the plastic attitudes of general public broadcasting broken families or greedy/gluttony. It might be because the not-so-privileged have some comfort in knowing even the rich’s lives are broken too, but that discussion is for another rainy day.

Coming to the original brothers-in-crime, the authors, especially in fiction(non fiction has better representation in other media like T.V shows) their lives are marked by depression, broken homes, marriages, substance abuse and much more horrors.Even Stephen King has not been left unaffected by these inner demons.

While we talk about their inner struggles, the family takes a step back. With greedy publishers taking bigger pie in the sales, not-yet-successful full time authors’ incomes are so meager that they can’t even afford health insurance. This brings us to the subject of discussion – author Shawn Speakma. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2011, author Shawn Speakman quickly accrued a massive medical debt that he could not pay. Terry Brooks, author of the epic Shannara series, offered to donate a short story that Shawn could sell through to help alleviate those bills.This kicked off massive support from the fraternity that around 15 best selling authors(including Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Tad Williams, Naomi Novik, Lev Grossman and artist Todd Lockwood) have come forward and contributed making up the anthology that is Unfettered.

Still unreleased, the anthology, by the way of Advanced Reading Copy(ARC) sales, is already helping another author Dave Wolverton whose son became comatose in a Longboarding accident. Tor.com is covering this anthology and it’s promotions in their site.

If you’ve loved stories, their capacity to kindle imagination, the adventures and the ones that make you think, please give back to the struggling. Your one day’s meal money will go a long way in helping them out.