What a world!

So one

  • Acid dropping,
  • control freak,
  • held an iron hand with the eco-system,
  • copied others’ designs
  • made sure IP gets patented
  • who’s company spends more time in lawsuits and running like a cry baby behind others with ideas remotely similar to theirs

– is quoted and worshipped.

Another guy who

  • owns the word entrepreneurship,
  • who let a democratic eco-system grow around his product,
  • responsible for digital era,
  • helped startups and
  • resigned when he felt little de-motivated  and since then has
  • set up a trust that has donated
  • 27 Billion(yes with a B) dollars
  • helped thousands of third world children get on road to achieving their dreams

is made fun of by so called geek gurus.
What a world!!



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